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Travlinq API drives End-to-End Hotel and
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The Travlinq API modular design means you can easily customise the traveller booking journey to suit your business needs. And with the continuous innovation of API, you will get world's latest travling business features as well.

air travel api


The AirShopping transaction set supports both specific and flexible shopping experiences for anonymous or personalized shopping.

travel api

Seat, Meal & Baggage

Display Services on a seat map , meal & Extra Baggage before or after the creation of an booking.

air travel api


The Reshop transaction set passes new shopping requests from a Seller to the supplier requesting for the automated exchange itineraries.

air travel api

Cancel & Refund

The Cancel transaction set requests the cancellation of a specified booking and returns confirmation of cancellation.

api for airline booking

Booking Retrieval

The Booking Retrieval function retries the specific booking details for the updated booking status for pending transactions.

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Travlinq provides technological capability to bring all content with your own credentials or partner credentials.

Join the travel agencies and technology companies who have explored the new world of content with Travlinq REST JSON API.

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3 GDS Content

Amadeus, Sabre & Travelport. Get it connected with your own credentials.

Low Cost Carriers

14 direct API integration of market-relevant LCCs.

NDC Airlines

17 Airlines, integration with one of the marketing leading aggregators.


Connected with 2 Air content consolidators, which means you have almost everything.

Non-Air content

Already connected with more than 12 hotel suppliers and consolidators.

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